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10 Tips to write a Winning Resume

  1. Keep your resume short and crisp. ( No one has the time to read long stories )

  2. A resume should be error free. ( It ruins the purpose of it)

  3. The order in which the experiences are jotted down should be reverse.( From the latest experience to your past)

  4. Do not get personal. ( It is not necessary)

  5. Keep the font and size of the content consistent throughout. ( Clear an neat)

  6. In case of a photo resume, keep the pic professional. ( No selfies or a holiday pic)

  7. Fill in details that are true. Candidates are tested based on their ability to crack the interview than based on what they did in the past. ( No bluffing )

  8. Include any skills that might be appropriate for the position you are applying for.

  9. Include updated contact details. ( This is Important!)

  10. The resume format can be to your imagination, to the career path you choose and let it speak. ( Be creative)

Stay Happy :)



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