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10 Things to do this Summer

Summer is here!

It is the season of mangoes.

Temperatures are soaring high.

Time for long cold showers and cold ice p0ps!

You might be going out and reuniting with pals or continuing that postponed vacation.

For kids and teens, summer is the season of infinite possibilities, with months off from school.

Read below to find out our list of things to do this summer to go out and relive all of those in-person experiences.

  1. Hang outdoors to your heart's content.

  2. Cool off by hitting the beach.

  3. Go camping in the nature.

  4. Discover the sporty side of you by enrolling in a summer sports class.

  5. Experiment with your cooking style. Try different cuisines.

  6. Go for a vacation with your family.

  7. Have a pool party with your friends.

  8. Visit the theme park with your friends.

  9. Eat ice cream and lots of it!

  10. Lastly, play all kinds of water games!

Enjoy your favorite summer activities now that the weather is warming up.

Which of these summer activities do you intend to check off your bucket list?



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