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Home-made Antacid

Heartburn after eating out??

A bad hangover from last night's party that has resulted in severe heartburn?

Had really spicy food?

We have all been through this...

Scrambling through the medicine cabinet for Tums, Gelusil or Gaviscon or whatever it maybe. #homeremedies

Well, next time go ahead try these simple home remedies.

  • Buttermilk - Buttermilk is nothing but yoghurt that has been blended with water, salt, cumin powder, asafoetida and black pepper. You can make variations to it by adding coriander leaves or mint leaves.

This is hailed as one of the best digestive drinks and as a cooling agent for the body. Instant hydration with the goodness of probiotics. According to Ayurveda buttermilk helps to balance kapha and vata. It is a staple in most Indian households after a heavy lunch to wash down all the spices and oil.

  • Fennel Seeds - If you are an Indian or have attended any Indian function or lunch gathering, you would have been served with fennel seeds coated with sugar at the end of your meal. Any idea why?

Fennel seeds possess anti-spasmodic and carminative effects that helps maintain proper digestive health. Their anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the muscles in the stomach that gives relief from gas and acid-reflux.

  • Cumin Seeds- Cumin seeds can be found in all households. It is indeed a miracle spice. From the immense benefits it provides to the skin, metabolism and the immune system cumin seeds also aid in digestion.

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Cumin seeds contain a chemical called thymol, which speeds up the digestion of complex substances like fat and sugar. Simply boil a glass of water with a tsp of cumin seeds for a quick relief!

  • Pomegranate Juice- Loaded with antioxidants pom juice has several health benefits. When it comes to curing stomach related problems like diarrhea, constipation or acidity this is a miracle drink.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the juice help in soothing the stomach lining. Next time, if there is any stomach complaint just grab a glass of pomegranate juice or better still eat the pom seeds. Even more beneficial!

  • Cold milk - It is no surprise that this staple beverage found in almost all households is rich in calcium and high in protein. The combination of these two works wonders for acidity.

Gastrin is secreted after drinking milk. This hormone is responsible for relaxing the muscles in your stomach and helps with emptying the contents of the stomach. Cold milk is definitely worth a try during bouts of heartburn.

  • Green Tea - Green tea, the simple yet one of the healthiest beverages known to human works magic inside and outside. From the numerous benefits to the skin and hair to the benefits it provides to the immune, cardiovascular and nervous system green tea is a wonder drink.

The antioxidant polyphenol fastens the digestive process and prevents over production of stomach acid. Just boil a cup of water, add a bag of green tea and let it steep for two mins. Say bye to your heartburn!

Last but never the least, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! #stayfit #eathealthy

Stay happy :)



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