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Ramoji Film City - Where dreams become real!

A perfect weekend getaway that is just 1.5 hours drive away from Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Sprawling across 2000 acres of land, this is a movie maker paradise, audience's delight and kids' fantasy world.

Guinness world record holder for the World's Largest Film Studio Complex, it is India's only thematic holiday destination. The place offers a lot of things to do, so it is advisable to stay for at least two days to truly experience this place.

This massive film city is designed with lots in mind.

Large beautiful gardens where many Bollywood and Tollywood movie songs were shot can be found in every nook and corner of the film city.

Magnificent statues, replicas of popular historical monuments and open-air film sets are important attractions to this place.

To get started, there are two packages available for the film city tour.

Ramoji Studio Tour and Ramoji Star experience.

The main differences between the two are availability of AC coach, complimentary rides and free buffet lunch for the Star Experience ticket holders.

As for the hotels and stay there are a range of options to suit one's need and comfort.

Sitara Luxury hotel, Tara comfort hotel, Shantiniketan are few worth mentioning.

Then there is Sahas Adventure park with lots of thrilling and adventurous activities to plan your day.

The tour begins with the Film city Tour. You first visit Eureka which is a theme park set for kids and adults. The beautiful carousel, bumper car ride, kiddie trains and a huge snake and ladder are just a few out of the many things available out there.

Once you are done with eureka, your next stop is the Ramoji Movie Magic. Here live shows, secrets behind the shooting of blockbuster movies and opening and closing ceremonies take you far and beyond one's imagination.

After much exhilaration, you head over to have lunch. There are multi cuisine restaurants, modern cafes and fast food joints all over the place. A quick grab or a relaxing lunch, to buckle up for the forthcoming events.

You continue with the Movie tour starting with the Askari and Japanese Garden. The Bhagavatham set was mind-blowing with a mesmerizing aura to the place.

Next we move on to the much spoken about, Bahubali set.... the last stop that is worth the wait!

It lives up to the hype.

The set is gigantic with every other prop used in the movie for display.

We can just recreate the whole movie by walking through this set.

Lastly, we reach the Eco Zone which has the Bird Park and the Butterfly Park.

Our personal favorite was the bird park.

Several different bird species in a clean environment definitely amuses the kids.

All in all, Ramoji film city is a must on the to-do list for those who visit Hyderabad.

Stay happy :)



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