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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for kids

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The importance of starting your day with the right amount of protein and other essential nutrients cannot be overstated.

To make kids eat is no easy feat!

Trekking higher altitudes will seem easier.

Mix things up a little to make breakfast time not look like a scene from James Bond movie. LOL...

  • Eggs - Powerhouse of nutrients and a source of good quality protein. Eggs also contain choline which is vital for brain development.

Boiled, sunny side up or poached, this is a power food.

To just add some twist, next time beat an egg with some chopped onions, finely cut mushrooms and bell peppers along with pepper and salt. Now, make an omelette out of this mixture. Could BF be any healthier. Serve with a cup of OJ or cold chocolate milk. All set for the day...

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  • Sprouts - Sprouts are very healthy for the body. As well as being very nutrient and protein rich, sprouts help improve digestion. However, raw sprouts might be the breeding ground of harmful bacteria. This is dangerous for the kids and in some cases where the adults' immune system is down.

There are ways to incorporate sprouts in the kids diet.

Take one cup of moong beans, black garbanzo beans and finger millet. Sprout them overnight. Allow them to dry completely and dry roast them. Dry roast them on medium heat.

Then take a cup of nuts ( cashews, pistachios and almonds). Dry roast the nuts.

Blend everything together with one or two cardamom pods.

Store the health mix powder in an air-tight container.

Got up late?... Not to worry! Take 3 tablespoons of this powder and mix them well in water and bring it to a boil without any lumps. Now add milk to this along with sugar(brown or white if required) and there you go, your breakfast in a cup is ready.

  • Indian cakes and crepes - Also known as Idly and Dosa, these are a staple in many Indian households. Just the preparation of the batter takes time.

Quick steps to make the batter: Soak 4 cups of idly rice and 1 cup of rice along with a tsp of fenugreek seeds for 4-6 hours. Grind them to a batter and ferment the batter overnight. Breakfast/dinner for a week is ready.

Mix it up by making veggies dosa, cottage cheese dosa by stuffing the dosa in between

with fillings of your choice.

As for the idly, you can add veggies or nuts.

The batter could also be made with millets of your choice.

Healthy and nutritious breakfast ready!

  • Smoothies - Smoothies have become very popular these days. Easy to prepare and a delight to drink.

Prepare smoothies with your kids favorite fruits. Try apples, bananas, or berries.

To the fruits and milk of your choice, you can add chia seeds, oats, a date or two.

  • Parathas - Parathas are again another famous staple food in many Indian houses.

Made out of whole wheat flour, stuffing of your choice and toasted with ghee this breakfast food is a tongue tickler. Cottage cheese and potato fillings are a common favorite. Eat the parathas with a cup of curd. Probiotics, protein and nutrients all in a single plate. Slurrrppp...

You could also make salads or just boil some veggies and mix them with salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil. Kids will start to love their veggies.

Nuts, seeds, dry fruits all should mixed and matched in a kid's diet. #kids #healthy #breakfastideas #momlife #

For overall healthy development, a little of everything is a must :)



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