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How I chose a new career during the pandemic?

Hola amigos!

A career that a woman chooses is not always the one she wants or wanted.

Many external factors contribute to the choice she makes.

I know what you all must be thinking! It is 2021, how can one not have the independence to choose their own career?

Well, it is the same story for many women in our society.

Once you get married and have a kid, I am not sure if that's how a female brain works but we generally put our family's needs and priorities first.

The rest all comes next.

I was working as a structural design engineer till 2016, then I took a maternity break.

Happily spent my time nurturing my son and doing some free lancing.

However, always wanted to do an MBA.

Came 2020, everything around us changed.

Days seemed monotonous and long.

Online classes, remote work, online shopping etc., etc.

Intrigued by digital business.

Then there came a moment of self-realization.

What can I do to make days more interesting?

With everyone at home and everything around us going online, isn't it the right time I could try something new?

I need not worry about daycare or nannies.

Husband working remotely, an extra hand to take care of our son.

I felt this was the right time for me to do my MBA.

Specialization chosen is Digital Business, curiosity to become understanding.

Online studies, hassles of commuting and planning your day not a problem anymore.

My university is in Europe.

Classes in the evening, since we were residing in Malaysia back then.

Finish all my chores, attend my classes and do my assignments during my free time.

It was quite challenging, however I enjoyed the hustle and bustle.

Made new connections, learnt new things and now I have a new career path.

Graduating this February.

A big accomplishment.

Not to mention, we relocated to India few months back.

Pandemic definitely took a toll on all of us.

Keeping myself busy, doing something that warded off the fear of uncertainties that the pandemic presented are just a couple of things that helped me stay sane.

Now I have kickstarted my career as a Digital Marketer.

A career could be anything that would give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Age is no barrier.

Place, people, society should be no barriers.

Whatever you like to do, whenever it is and however you like it. Just go ahead and pursue your dreams.

Afterall, when can we make hay? .... only when the sun shines.

The sun here is the voice within you asking you to do something.

Big or small, dream and make it real.

"Don't forget to eat your favorite food today."

Stay happy :)



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