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World Soil Day - December 5th

Reasons why soil is very important to Earth!

  • The soil acts as an anchor for plant and tree roots that absorb all the nutrients therein.

  • Acts as a filter system for the water bodies. Soil is the reason why our groundwater remains clean and unpolluted.

  • Home for a million organisms that thrive and survive because of soil.

  • Agriculture, the main source of food we all consume, is dependent on soil.

  • Acts as foundation for many construction projects.

  • Whether by burial or by decomposition of organic wastes, the disposal of wastes requires soil.

  • Provides shelter for animal, insects and birds for building their nests and homes.

As humans, it is our duty to realize the significance of soil. We should protect it in all ways possible.

Some soil conservation tips are as follows:

  • Can't stress it enough, PLANT MORE TREES!

  • Avoid soil pollution.

  • Rotation of crops to avoid depletion of nutrients.

  • Preserve earthworms.

  • Practice terrace farming.

  • Use natural fertilizers.

  • Choose native crops.

Let's all start contributing..,

Stay happy :)



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