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Food coma after dining at The Glass Onion Restaurant @Gachibowli, Hyderabad

The Glass Onion

A cozy spot in the midst of a golf club in Boulder Hills, this fine dining restaurant is sure to tingle your palate the right way!

The place is serene and calm, a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

The customer service here is on spot, not to mention the warm welcome you receive every time.

The interiors are designed in a rustic manner with floral cushions on the furniture, arabesque designed chairs and wooden finish roofs.

The music that is played is apt for the place, food and the surroundings.

There is a bar counter cuddled in one corner of the restaurant.

Indoor and outdoor seating to suit one's preference is available. Of course, the outdoor seating gives you a breathtaking view of the golf course.

Let's move on to the reason why we are here.... Food!

The place serves Italian, North Indian, Asian and Continental foods. A vast menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.

Having moved back to India from Malaysia only recently, we were grinning looking at the menu.

We went ahead ordered some Asian food to beat the nostalgia away. No long waiting time once the order is placed. This is what we ordered during our visits, one for lunch and one for dinner.

Tom Yom chicken soup and tomato soup were absolutely delishhh with the right amount spices.

For the starters we ordered lotus stem cutlets, shredded lamb cheese fries and Lohari paneer tikka. Eye-catchy presentation and totally lip smacking. No complaints here.

Main course was Nadan fish curry with rice, burnt garlic rice with veggies, coriander ginger fish fry, tandoori roti, Thai green curry with rice, ravioli with spinach and pine nuts and a vegetable pizza.

Burnt garlic rice with stir fried veggies is my absolute favorite here. Next up is the nadan fish curry and my kid loved his ravioli. The tandoori roti was a bit too dry. The pizza was alright, not the best.

Drink options are a plenty here. We went for the virgin mojito and apricot peach punch. To me the second one was a little too sweet.

Overall, a nice place to hang out with family and friends. A kid-friendly place. The place won't disappoint you .... If you are lucky enough, you will be surprised by a sweet visit from peacocks and cranes ;)

Stay happy :)



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